Mermaid Tail – Finished! (almost)

As you all may know, I’ve been working on trying to finish my mermaid tail for a costume contest (deadline was yesterday). I finished it enough for a photoshoot! I still have to go through and put some finishing touches on it before swimming in it (such as actually making a waistband – I used a bit of fishnet as a belt to hide my unfinished waistline).

We managed to get out to a local swimming hole/park to take some photos – it was cloudy and raining, but it turns out that it was the perfect lighting! I also learned a few things about photoshoots in full mermaid costume – there were edges of towels peeking out and I positioned my fluke ends funny a few times, but I think all the shots were phenomenal anyways!

Now, without any further ado, mermaid picspam!





close up




raised fluke

like a fish






Mermaid Miyu, cleaning up trash…

blurry trash


Monofin: So Dive Hydra

Tail and top, assorted jewelry: Handmade by me (Visit my Etsy shop!)

Headdress and Tribal Skull Necklace: Morticia Mermaid of Siren’s Calling (Facebook)

Slinky Bracelet: RnB Unique Treasures

MUA, Tattoo Artist, & Photography: My mer-tender! (Kylan)

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