Walter Girl Hair

I chopped my hair off. No, seriously, I cut it all off. Why, you ask, after over a year of growing it out, did I cut it off? Mostly because it was so damaged at the ends (before growing it out I had layered bleachings and dyes). It was frizzy and impossible to manage most of the time. For “mermaid training” I have to be in the pool, and chlorine just turned my hair to mush. So, for posterity, here’s a little photo documentation for you.

Here’s the “before” picture…

Before haircut

Notice the straw-like ends.

I warn you now, this haircut is very drastic. I went for a cut and colours I’ve never done before, and I LOVE IT. It was inspired by the Walter Girls (of Walter Robotics) in the fictional world created by my new tied-for-favorite band, Steam Powered Giraffe. If you don’t know who they are yet, you seriously need to check them out, if only to say you’ve seen some crazy performance art. Here’s their Youtube channel, I get lost in there for hours. If you need a pre-made selection of songs both live and music video, my steampunk playlist is currently made mostly of SPG.

Now, back to the photos!

sectioning hair

There’s Kylan sectioning my hair.


See how damaged it is? All he had done was part it, and it was acting like teased, hairsprayed ’80’s hair!

Okay, take a deep breath, because here where it gets drastic…

Side shaved

Got one side shaved!


Here it is after the full cut and a fresh bleaching, before any toning or colour. It’s also completely not styled, and looks somewhat like a pixie cut when worn “down”.

side 1 bangs 1 cute

I tried doing a two-tone thing for my bangs (Dark blue like the Walter Girls, and Cavalcadium blue), but it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped, so when I need to touch up my bangs I’ll just dye them all dark blue.

happy cute 2 smiling

Thanks also to SPG, I’m not too worried about what I consider my “funny smiling face”, so now everyone gets more dorky pictures of me smiling! Yay!

too cool i'm a pony too cool 2

The middle picture shows accurate colouring. Yes, the back is silver! OMG YUSS I’ve been trying to do silver for ages and I finally figured out what my problems were!

And one more picture for posterity…

David Face

Thank you, David Bennett, for making every SPG fan want to make this face in picshurs.

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