Mermaid Tail Progress

Hi everyone! I’ve been making progress with my fabric (spandex) mermaid tail! I’m sewing it entirely by hand, so the going is slower than I’d like, but I finally got the main body basted together and tried it on tonight!

Mermaid tail progress 1

Click through to see more pictures!

Please pardon the mess, I am a crafter with no storage space 😛

Mermaid tail progress 2

I still don’t have a proper monofin yet, so what you’re seeing is my cardboard mockup of the monofin I want (Hydra clear) with the spandex tacked in place.

Mermaid tail progress 3

I made it quite snug in the knees to help hold them in place when swimming – a problem I currently have while practicing with my friend’s monofin.

Mermaid tail progress 4

I’ve based the design off of the concept art for the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 mermaids.  It was hard teaching myself to make irregular gathers!

Mermaid tail progress 5

I’m finally starting to feel like a mermaid!

Mermaid tail progress 6

I love the photos above… looks quite realistic! The interesting print of the outer spandex hides human anatomy quite well. The lesson: Always take advantage of the clearance bin at your local fabric store!

Mermaid tail progress 7

I have learned that I really dislike sewing spandex… it just stretches to infinity it seems! Well, lightweight spandex, anyways, but it’s what I could find so I don’t mind! I really love the pattern!

Mermaid tail progress 8

Want to help me get a monofin so I can actually swim in this beauty? You can either purchase items (or request a custom order) in my Etsy shop, or you can donate to my fundraiser (and get some awesome perks!) by either following the link I just posted (<—–) or in the badge at the top right of the page!

Now to go figure out this hand-sewn stretch stitch!

2 thoughts on “Mermaid Tail Progress

    • Thank you so much! It *is* a pain to sew, but it’s a good first tail before I get to sew neoprene scraps together 😛

      The mermaid meetup is this weekend, and people are bringing underwater cameras, so hopefully I’ll get some good shots of it in action!

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