Hello there! I’m Miyu, and I have an obsession with costuming. I wear “costumes” whenever I feel like it, and I strive to make them very good clothing-quality (as opposed to costume-y). I mostly make historical and musical costumes, but I do also venture into other forms of costuming. I started this blog in the hopes that it will give me incentive to stop being afraid of my sewing machine (I regularly sew by hand) and to make more costumes!

I also hope to provide helpful walk-throughs and tutorials for those seeking to recreate favorite costumes and historical clothing. For now I am on a tight budget, so I try to offer lots of options for those without the means to spend on the very best materials.

My first costuming loves were Phantom of the Opera and historical costumes, and I’ll most likely continue to make a lot of those. I’m partial to anything Victorian or fantasy, though I do also have plans for Star Trek and other Sci-Fi costumes.

As soon as I can get together the correct materials I need, I’ll also have a separate blog for my mermaid adventures! 🙂

Please enjoy my craziness, and feel free to comment or ask me anything!

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