Steampunk Pirate Cat-Girl! A Work in Progress.

Yep, Steampunk Pirate Cat-Girl. All in one. Because I can, that’s why!

The Swashbuckler’s Ball is next month, and I’m hoping to go. Why? Because Abney Park’s going to be there! Since I apparently only get to go to one (or less) cool things a year at the moment, I’m really crossing my fingers to go. Hopefully I can sell some goods to fund the trip! 😀

Pirate – Because of the obvious.

Steampunk – Abney Park is Steampunk. Also pirates. With an airship.

Cat-Girl – because I will always work a pair of kitty ears in when I can! 😛 No, seriously, I have to be told not to wear ears out grocery shopping. I love cat-girls, nya!

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A Little Illumination…

It’s finally done! I’ve been talking about it, and I finally re-learned the ins and outs of Windows Movie Maker, and now I’m finally done editing it! Without any further ado whatsoever, here it is, my Phantom tribute, “A Little Illumination…”!

Just a quick hello!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been quiet here for a bit, I’m hoping to have the assistance to make a duct-tape dressform tomorrow! Most likely I won’t get the Christine outfit done by Halloween, but that’s ok, because I always have the makings for other costumes already in my wardrobe! I have to come up with a better Steampunk outfit, though, because I might be going to see Abney Park again soon! That would be EPIC, they are just the coolest people to be around!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

Gotta have fun sometimes!

Gotta have fun sometimes!

Yep, I’m a blonde now! And not just in the process of going pink or blue or whatever! I’m thinking of staying just blonde for a while. Maybe some pink or blue tips or something, I dunno.

Yep, it’s not all the same colour – I was overly cautious with my (no longer) virgin hair because I was terrified of frying my hair and losing a bunch after working so hard to grow it out and stay away from the scissors. That’s ok, because in a week or two I’ll get some more bleach and finish lifting the last of my brown out. I’m going for silvery-white blonde, like all the most awesome alt models I know of, LOL! Like I said, though, I’ll probably throw a bit of cotton candy colour in there at some point… I can’t resist the cute sometimes!

On another note, I’m wondering if it would be better for “branding” (LOL like anyone knows me yet) if all my blogs were together? I don’t know, I can be obsessive about organization and compartmentalization, so I like the idea of having a different blog for each different group of my interests, but uh… I have a lot of interests. More than the average blogger, anyways. I make lots of things, and talk about lots of things, and will eventually do even more lots of things… My favorite bloggers I think all just have one main blog, but their lives seem so… focused compared to mine. What do you folks think?

SHAMELESS PROMOTION! Don’t forget to check out my other blog, ! There’s recipes and stuff, and some horrible pictures of my skin! I’ll be posting a new tutorial on stripping hair dye with vitamin C soon.

Mole Effects: A Conversation with a Tattoo Man: 1900

Aha! Now I can (kind of) say that my tattoos are period for all my Victorian/Steampunk costuming! This is just a great blog post 🙂

Mrs Daffodil Digresses


TALK WITH the “Tattoo” Man.

Mole Effects Quite the Thing For Society Women.

Spanish War Started the Fad Again After It Had Been on the Shelf For a Long Time.

Visitors at the bathing resorts of the seashore this year say that there is to be seen an unusual number of tattooed men and women. Down at Cape May a professional tattooer is making a fine living by his alleged art.

“I have had a number of young society men and women come to me during the last year,” said he of the needle and pigment. “It may surprise you, but I think I can explain it.

“Our war with Spain brought society men for the first time into contact with the fighting men of the nation—the soldiers and sailors. Now these warriors are almost invariably tattooed. You seldom see a sailor who does not bear the marks of the…

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