Fashionable fairy tale cosplays could pass as adorable dresses

So many cute looks! I could totally see myself wearing all of these, but most especially the Ugly Duckling outfit – so gorgeous!

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

fairy tale fashion01

The mail order fashion brand, haco., has just released its second line of fairy tale inspired fashion items.  They call these items cosplay, but not in the way that most Westerners might expect. Rather than recreate the characters from fairy tales as they would appear in real life, fashion designers asked themselves what these classic icons might wear if they were actually young human girls. The results are absolutely adorable.

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Mole Effects: A Conversation with a Tattoo Man: 1900

Aha! Now I can (kind of) say that my tattoos are period for all my Victorian/Steampunk costuming! This is just a great blog post 🙂

Mrs Daffodil Digresses


TALK WITH the “Tattoo” Man.

Mole Effects Quite the Thing For Society Women.

Spanish War Started the Fad Again After It Had Been on the Shelf For a Long Time.

Visitors at the bathing resorts of the seashore this year say that there is to be seen an unusual number of tattooed men and women. Down at Cape May a professional tattooer is making a fine living by his alleged art.

“I have had a number of young society men and women come to me during the last year,” said he of the needle and pigment. “It may surprise you, but I think I can explain it.

“Our war with Spain brought society men for the first time into contact with the fighting men of the nation—the soldiers and sailors. Now these warriors are almost invariably tattooed. You seldom see a sailor who does not bear the marks of the…

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A Minor Heart Attack…

I pulled up my video in progress (which is about my Broadway PotO Chandelier bead), and ALL OF MY FILES seemed to be missing. I knew I still had them, all conveniently in a folder, but Windows Movie Maker couldn’t find them! This could possibly be my fault, as I had created another folder to put that folder into, but other than that I hadn’t moved it!

Therefore, a good half hour of my evening was spent re-teaching WMM where all my files were, then another half hour was spent re-configuring all the data that had apparently decided to just shift all over to wherever it pleased. It’s finally looking like a video again, and not like a toddler got a hold of my computer.

This post is totally relevant to costuming. It is not only because I say it is, but also because it’s about my spiffing new necklace I made out of that bead – which I will be wearing with my Christine outfit (and also every day, of course).

And, because I dislike leaving a blog post without any sort of pictures to look at, here’s a picture of that necklace:


I have since gone through and tightened up all the sloppy chain links. What can I say, it’s a chain I’m not allergic to that I got for $7 – I don’t mind having to do a little work to pretty it up.