Popping In To Say Hi! Plus An Update On My Shop!

Sorry, no creative, witty title today. I’m both sick and exhausted.

The lull in my posts will be over soon. I promise. While I’ve been getting more and more sick, I’ve been working like mad to get items ready to sell in my shop. The reason? Abney Park.

I went the the Swashbucklers’ Ball a couple of weekends ago! I finally got to meet/hang out with the awesome Dana (quite the infamous fellow Abney Park fan)! There were some cool bands there, mostly gypsy-style (Think Gogol Bordello). Lots of pirates. Apparently here in OR “pirating” is the most common form of “alterna-fun”. Hey, I like pirates and all, but these folks REALLY get into it. I overheard lots of talk of official groups, making sure to honour the “royalty” and such… It’s a far cry from Denver, with its much looser hierarchy and more things to do LOL. 😛

Anywho, Of course I got to hang out a tiny bit with the band members! I do try to leave them be whilst getting pummeled by throngs of fans wanting merch, autographs, pics, etc. Hey, it IS an awesome band! But I wanted to chat since I haven’t seen them since last year in Denver when I somehow (magically) managed to pester a lot of people into putting together an awesome Steampunk event. Besides, I had some small gifts to give them, and wanted to actually  have the time to hand them to each person and such.

I gave Captain Robert a small brass statue of Ganesha (I believe), whom I just learned is the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He loved it and immediately said he’s putting it in his living room. 😀 That makes me very happy, because if you’ve ever seen pictures of Robert and Kristina’s living room, you’d see he has quite possibly the most awesome living room ever!

I gave the other three boys (Dan, Titus, and Josh) some nifty little military-style medals… Like those little ones that are on the end of ribbons. The medals I found while cleaning, they were among a ton of vintage buttons. The medals have little knights on them. I was so rushed I didn’t have the chance to put them on ribbon. If I get to make it up to Seattle for NYE, I’ll ask the boys to pull them out so I can be-ribbon and pin them. Still, they loved them! I loved their faces as they held them close and examined them. I was assured they would be worn. 🙂

To Jody and Kristina, I gave a pair of necklaces I’d made. Nothing fancy, just a sliced shell with a little wirewrapping and a freshwater pearl. Kristina got the gold pearl; Jody took peacock. Somehow I knew that’s how it would go (well, Jody does tend to go OMG PEACOCK COLOURS whenever I mention the word LOL).

shell pendants

Kristina got the first one, Jody the second, and the third one (no pearl) is still up for sale. Click to embiggen.

I was so worried about trying to find something Kristina would actually like! She’s a bit of a mystery, being the only band member that has practically zero online presence. I do think the colours match her usual stage outfits quite well!

Anyways, SHE LOVED IT. Kristina liked hers so much she insisted on putting it on right there, so Jody and I had to help her (it was an old vintage chain, with an interesting closure). I cannot even tell you how honoured I was! She loved my style so much she decided she wanted to Christmas shop from me! Holy Sea Cow of Atlantis!!!

So, the past week has consisted of me crafting my little butt off. I am making SO MANY THINGS. Because Kristina wanted to buy from me, Ky finally got a fire under his butt to take me into town to set up a credit union account. I AM NOW A CARD-CARRYING MEMBER OF SOCIETY. I can set up my PayPal, which allows me to open my Etsy store, open an Ebay store, start fundraisers, donate to thing (OMG YAY) and of course buy things (when I have money).

So… As soon as I fight off this horrid chest cold (which I’m pretty sure I acquired at the Swashbucklers’ Ball), I’ll be finishing some projects up and opening my shop.

Although, I did tell Kristina she gets first pick of my inventory! 😛 How could I resist? I love Abney Park. Seriously, I love them. Not like, not fangirl over… I do love and care for all the member of Abney Park. ❤

What would you like to see in my shop? So far I’ve got some mermaid/ocean-themed accessories, and some Steampunk accessories (though it’s very… understated Steaminess. Better for everyday wear for folks who don’t wish to rawk the dreadfalls and goggles every day haha! I’ve decided to start offering tribal-belly-dance-style dread falls. I looked all over Etsy (and the interenet!) and I noticed that apparently the styles of “dreads” that I love are no longer very popular! Well, I guess I’m getting old. So I decided to start offering some spectacular dread falls, in Singles or Pairs (focal pieces), Booster sets (one pair focal pieces, and enough smaller dreads to blend with your hair/other falls),  Deluxe sets (fully-themed sets of 1 pair focal pieces, full fall of mixed smaller dreads), and Pro sets (two pairs of two different kinds of focal pieces, plus full falls of mixed smaller dreads)

Please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you would like to see in my shop! I am a very versatile crafter, I make a little bit of everything and am constantly crossing genres, so please don’t feel that I’ll only make Steampunk and Mermaid gear! 😛 Also, I am ALWAYS open for custom orders. I love custom orders SO MUCH.

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