Crunch Time!


Deadline’s this weekend. Last month, for some reason, I totally thought I’d have 10 more days to sew than I actually do.

Now it’s to that awesome point of the creative process wherein I panic for days. I may end up staying up a night or two to finish.

This is what an exhausted costumer looks like:

So Tired

I’m SO CLOSE. Bustle skirt is 99% finished, just need to attach the bustle straps (to bustle an underskirt) and make buttonholes. Top-vest-thing has been pieced back together, cut down the front, and had neckline decorations applied, now to apply bottom hem + armhole trimmings and make the lace-up area in the front.

Ears… I’m running out of glue. Five pairs of ears may take slightly more than one tube of E-6000. We’ll see, I’m nearly done gluing parts together. I am quite happy with the glow-in-the-dark accents I put on Kylan’s and my ears. Only one pair of ears doesn’t have fur attached; the rest just need finishing glue (rolling edges of fur/outer leather over to make it look nice).

Last weekend, I helped a fellow mermaid out at a craft bazaar, and got paid with an awesome tiny mermaid hair clip – my first piece of real “mermaid bling” 🙂 She also picked me up some discount Halloween false eyelashes for this weekend’s costume, because she is awesome.

My house caught on fire this past weekend, and I have had no hot water until this morning. Now go check out my hair lightening progress over at Historic Beauty while I get back to costuming like crazy.  😛

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