Steampunk Pirate Cat-Girl! A Work in Progress.

Yep, Steampunk Pirate Cat-Girl. All in one. Because I can, that’s why!

The Swashbuckler’s Ball is next month, and I’m hoping to go. Why? Because Abney Park’s going to be there! Since I apparently only get to go to one (or less) cool things a year at the moment, I’m really crossing my fingers to go. Hopefully I can sell some goods to fund the trip! πŸ˜€

Pirate – Because of the obvious.

Steampunk – Abney Park is Steampunk. Also pirates. With an airship.

Cat-Girl – because I will always work a pair of kitty ears in when I can! πŸ˜› No, seriously, I have to be told not to wear ears out grocery shopping. I love cat-girls, nya!

~Follow me for pictures!~


Meet Lucy! She is my duct-tape dressform, made with a combo of paper tape (base layer, duct tape, and metal tape (top layers). She’s stuffed with the stuffing of a giant pillow and plastic bags (FINALLY, I found a use for the plastic bags that have been slowly taking over the house!), and has a sturdy (I hope!) plastic hanger with swivel hook in the top (It was easier than trying to make a removable base).

The bustle skirt is made almost entirely out ofΒ  chopped-up clothes (pants and a dress) and vintage trims; The vest-type-thing is the top bit of the dress I hacked apart. The brown top I found at a thrift store, same for the lacy winter (flannel!) underskirt, which is pinned up in front to place the bustle straps. Tights are my signature pink stripes πŸ˜€ I’ll either be wearing my knee-high lace-up Docs with heels, or my cute little brown Loli lacy pumps… I can’t decide which yet. I’ll probably haul both pairs up to Portland with me.

Ears sneak peek

Here we have a sneak peek at my new leather kitty ears – this is a new pattern! My older ears were more realistic, having been drawn from a (very patient) real-life cat. This time I was going for more of an anime-style ear, so I messed around trying out different patterns for a few days until I got the shape right. These babies are wet-molded, dried, and ready for rabbit fur and other super-special treatments! I’m making two personal pairs, and I thought I’d make a few extra to sell πŸ™‚ Everyone likes my cat ears when they see them, but I never have any in stock! This time I’m prepared πŸ˜€

(Yes, there are pen marks on the backs of some of the pieces. It’s going to get covered with fur or another leather. I don’t believe in wasting leather just because of some pen marks – that’s just wasteful and inconsiderate.)

3 thoughts on “Steampunk Pirate Cat-Girl! A Work in Progress.

  1. I absolutely love you ethos of not wasting anything – especially I love the way you made the dress-form dummy! Inspired! And the steampunk costume looks great – so glad I found your blog πŸ™‚ Many blessings, Bia

    • Thank you so much! I am very much of the “waste not, want not” mindset – supplies are expensive! A lot of my supplies are repurposed from bedsheets, curtains, and old clothes, or random things I find around the house. That way, sometimes I can save up and splurge on some leather supplies, or occasionally I actually even buy a length of fabric for special projects πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for reading! I know there’s not much here at the moment, but I promise there’s lots of fun stuff to come! Just as soon as this deadline’s over… >.<

      • Great attitude to have, I’m a ‘scavenger type’ myself – though not nearly as talented as you! Look forward to seeing more… many blessings, Bia πŸ™‚

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