A slight delay…

Hello blogosphere… It’s been a few days since my last update. Here’s why:

I finished sewing up the front of the bodice. It sits very nicely on me now! Without all those hooks and eyes on the front, there’s no puckering, so the front is nice and smooth and flat now, ideal for decorating.

So I set about to make the pattern to cut out my velvet pieces. However, the base bodice itself is made of a slightly stretchy material. This means that no matter what I do, laying it flat isn’t going to give me an accurate pattern. Add to this the fact that the velvet has just a little more stretch than the base fabric, and it means that, after cutting and sewing everything together, it may not fit me properly.

I have a solution, though – I’ll be making a duct tape double, a mannequin in my exact size and proportions. This will save me so much time and hair-pulling, since, for the first time in all the years I’ve been costuming, I’ll be able to drape, draft, and fit things properly to myself! I’m so excited!


I’ve been meaning to make one for some time, but the main problem I’ve had is that I have never had, well… proper support for the bodice area, if you know what I mean! 😛 However, that was remedied recently when I noticed that Wal-Mart was having a sale on convertible bras – bras you can change the strap configuration on – for $8. As it so happens, I’ve lost weight recently, so it was much easier to find a size that fit! FINALLY!

I suggest my costuming and mermaid lady friends to go get yourself one if your local store has them. They are perfect for the tribal-belly-dance-style criss-cross bra tutorial I posted on Mernetwork (which hopefully I can figure out how to put into a format I can post here soon), and it even comes in nude for those of you who make CATS costumes, mermaid bras, and pretty much anywhere you need a nude bra. It also comes in black, for all your tribal belly dance needs. 😉

Anyways, I should be back to working on my bodice by this weekend, after making a creepy torso copy to keep my disembodied hairstylist’s practice head (who is currently being a hatform for my Mad Hatter hat) company. A dressform will be most helpful in making the pattern for the dressing gown as well. In the meantime, I’m thinking of knitting a pair of fingerless mitts/gloves for the dressing gown costume… No, I’ve never seen a Christine wear fingerless gloves, but I have bad circulation, so my hands turn into popsicles no matter the time of year. I figure that if Christine was a bit chilly in her dressing room, she might have put some dainty little mitts on.

At any rate, it’s my interpretation – and that’s the wonderful thing about replicating costumes from musicals – each production has their own interpretation of not only the performance, but also the costuming. Yes, sometimes I will want to make an exact replica of a specific production’s replica, but that requires lots of tracking down of specific materials and such, and until I have the funds to be quite that obsessive of a costumer, I think it’s perfectly alright to make your own interpretation of certain types of costumes.

Here is the pattern I’ll be using for the fingerless mitts/gloves (I am too short on time to make my own pattern at this point, plus my head is still foggy from getting over being sick): http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/short-n-sweet-fingerless-mitts


(Not my picture, but it is quite appropriate, no?)

Edited to add: Ok, now I can’t find any appropriate white yarn in my stash. Why does all my yarn have to be so awesomely colourful? XD Also, I’m merging this pattern with another pattern to make a super-sweet handwarmer, once I can get my hands on some suitable yarn!

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