A Minor Heart Attack…

I pulled up my video in progress (which is about my Broadway PotO Chandelier bead), and ALL OF MY FILES seemed to be missing. I knew I still had them, all conveniently in a folder, but Windows Movie Maker couldn’t find them! This could possibly be my fault, as I had created another folder to put that folder into, but other than that I hadn’t moved it!

Therefore, a good half hour of my evening was spent re-teaching WMM where all my files were, then another half hour was spent re-configuring all the data that had apparently decided to just shift all over to wherever it pleased. It’s finally looking like a video again, and not like a toddler got a hold of my computer.

This post is totally relevant to costuming. It is not only because I say it is, but also because it’s about my spiffing new necklace I made out of that bead – which I will be wearing with my Christine outfit (and also every day, of course).

And, because I dislike leaving a blog post without any sort of pictures to look at, here’s a picture of that necklace:


I have since gone through and tightened up all the sloppy chain links. What can I say, it’s a chain I’m not allergic to that I got for $7 – I don’t mind having to do a little work to pretty it up.

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