Elissa/Slave Girl Bodice – Level Start!

I wanted to make the PotO Dressing Gown for Halloween this year. I made one before, very horribly, out of definitely not the right materials (heck, I didn’t even have enough of the materials). No pictures seem to have survived of this monstrosity before I chopped it up and turned it into a horrible blouse. Yep, you heard that right – I used to stink at sewing. Then again, I’m a perfectionist.

Still, I really missed having a PotO dressing gown. Over the years I managed to accumulate several vintage dressing gowns, slips, nighties, and various bits of that type of lingerie. If I wear a few of them together, it makes a barely passable Christine. (My friends thinks it looks great, I am shaking my head at myself in my imagination and hoping everyone thought I was a very nicely-dressed ghost the last time I wore that out to club)

In order to make a new dressing gown, I insist on doing it the right way this time – by making the foundation garment first. This particular interpretation of the dressing gown is going to based more on several stage versions, with a few nods to the movie version, in the same vein as my chandelier bead necklace. As such, I’m making the Elissa/Slave Girl bodice instead of the white corset from the movie. I’ll also be making the slave girl rope skirt to go with the bodice, and at some point in the future maybe I’ll tackle the Elissa skirt.

Here are my supplies:


This is a “corset” (pfft haha LOL) I picked up from the thrift store last year to quickly throw together a costume for my Steampunk Ball (ABNEY PARK WOOT). It was kind of a fail costume. Whatever, I was way more excited about hanging out with Abney Park and Hydrogen Skyline all day anyways. Anywho, back to the corset…

It’s a 12-panel from Charlotte Russe. It’s very dingy and I think it would make a much better Hannibal bodice than a corset. it’s pretty flimsy in the boning department.

hook and eye

I removed the many, many hook-and-eye closures from the front. I can’t tell you what a pain this was to “do up” every time! I’m happy to be rid of them, and I’ll use them on other projects. The bodice front will be sewn together. The whole thing will close in the back via lacing. I considered a zipper, but that’s not adjustable, I hate zippers, and I can’t find any that long. So lacing it is.

Here’s some pics of my quick round-up of materials (more later):



Yes, yes, I know it’s not dark green, whatever, it’s what I have and I like it.

I’m about to blow your OCD crafting mind, though… IT’S STRETCH VELVET!! BUWAHAHAHA!!!

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